Natural Acne Foaming Cleanser - Daily Care Deep Pores Acne Face Wash

  • ❤️ Acne Foaming Cleanser is specifically developed to treat blemish-prone skin and make it smooth, hydrated, and healthy. Use natural facial cleanser daily for sustaining and long-lasting results whether separately or as a part of your daily skin care procedures. Enjoy your glowing and clear face skin every day!
  • 💙 Acne Treatment and Prevention. Acne cleanser is a new generation cosmetic with delicate texture penetrating deep skin pores. SWISSÖKOLAB face cleanser normalizes the sebaceous function and clear your face from sebum and dust. It prevents pore clogging and inflammation processes.
  • ❤️ Great Result. All the ingredients of acne face wash provide a healing effect and help fight blackheads and acne, accumulating micronutrients in the skin that resist the formation of new acne and oily skin. The effect of clear skin is noticeable after the very first application.
  • 💙 Lipid Barrier. SWISSÖKOLAB foam cleanser prevents acne and energizes your skin. We make outstanding properties of Centella Asiatica and Green Tea leaves work for your beauty. In combinations with other valuable components, it is intended to fight against acne and protect all skin layers.
  • ❤️ Safe for Sensitive Skin. The foaming facial cleanser is approved for sensitive skin, does not cause allergic reactions. Forget dry and tightened skin. Acne wash supports skin natural hydration, contains botanicals and mild surfactants that gently and carefully cleanse your face.