About Swissökolab

SWISSÖKOLAB  is the US progressive cosmetic company

 Our team is united by the fact that all of us in the past worked closely with people. And this is SWISSÖKOLAB key advantage in the marketplace. We understand that the main value of sales is not the goods at all; our customers are the main value. Therefore, we developed quality standards, relying on what emotions and sensations our clients should receive.

The highest standards of quality and professional production control allow us to offer the customer only the best products.


Customer satisfaction is one of the main priorities of our company. We work daily with the feedback and wishes of our customers, so our products bring joy to every home.


We strive to identify the significant needs of our customers and we are constantly working to improve our products.


We have perfected the work with local and foreign manufacturers and minimized the cost of logistics, allowing us to offer the best prices for our goods.


To date, SWISSÖKOLAB products are the best choice for thousands of our customers. We will be glad to see you among our clients